THE festive period is the busiest time of the year at the North Pole, so that calls for a party, right?

But what if someone were to spoil that party? It would be chaos.

The bright and colourful world of Basingstoke-based company Honalee Media will once again take a trip to Santa’s workshop for its festive showcase.

As with all of their shows, audience participation is at the heart of the story.

Santa’s Christmas Party sees the introduction of Jack Frost into the Honalee world, and he is determined to put a stop to the party.

“Jack comes into this world as a bit of an outsider, he thinks he’s a bit cool but he acts up,” director Martin Parsons tells The Gazette.

“The way we have put him across is like the naughty child at school.

“Jack comes into our show without any friends, but we hope by the end of it he will have a whole audience full of friends.”

Honalee Media prides itself on creating traditional theatre full of interactive songs and adventures aimed at two to seven-year-olds.

And at Christmas this is more important than ever, but the challenge for Parsons and his wife Kate Ashmead is making an original story around Christmas.

Parsons added: “At Christmas time there are certain expectations compared to one of our other festive shows.

“People will expect to hear Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, they will expect to see Santa’s workshop. But we want to create a fresh story that keeps to the traditions of Christmas.

“There needs to be a sense of familiarity, so people instantly recognise the characters, we can’t be too far removed from what is seen as festive staples.”

With the audience of Honalee Media’s shows a bit younger than those who would attend a traditional pantomime, this may be some people’s first experience of Christmas theatre.

Parsons added: “I think it is so important to expose young children to the theatre and give them something they can tangibly see and be a part of.

“It’s all well and good sitting them in front of a TV, but we see that when children see someone right in front of them interacting with them, it is a completely different experience.

“We have a responsibility to show children this exciting world and try and entice them to come back more and more.”

As Jack Frost looks to threaten Santa’s party, can the audience help get thing back on track?.

Santa’s Christmas Party will be performed at the Haymarket from December 7 to December 9.

Guests are invited to stay after the show to meet Santa and visit his grotto where every child will receive a present.

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