THE fallen of the First World War from Tadley were present at today's commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the war's end.

At the Service of Remembrance held at St Paul's church, on The Green, each of the 31 soldiers from Tadley who died in the conflict were represented by facts about their lives printed on sheets of paper which were then given to people who attended the service to create the feeling each of the fallen were represented.

This was in addition to these facts and, where possible, imagery of the fallen Tadley soldiers being projected onto a screen inside the church.

During the service, for which it was standing room only in the church, it was observed that given Tadley's population at the time of the conflict - some 1,500 people - the equivalent loss of life to the town in a similar conflict now would be more than 300 people being killed.

A parade from Tadley Primary School to the church preceded the service with veterans, Royal British Legion members and service groups of all ages taking part.

One of those to observe the parade was Stuart Yard-Young, a veteran of the RAF from 1962 to 1976 and a former Ministry of Defence police officer.

Mr Yard-Young, who had relatives involved in the First World War and a grandson involved in the parade, said: "It is incredible to think today what it must have felt like that, when that news [of the Armistice] came through. It must have just been a relief that it was all over."

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