AT BRIGHTON Hill Community School we have recently introduced a new initiative known as the Wellbeing Ambassadors, which is a student organisation run by the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) workers at the school to promote a culture of mental wellbeing.

We have attended several training sessions over the past few weeks and soon will begin working in our school's maths block in what is known as the #WellbeingSquare, which comprises four rooms which are dedicated to specific mental health areas - there is a Young Carers room, a Quiet room, an Anti-Bullying room and Freedom to Be room, which focuses around LGBTQ+.

To go along with this program we have recently introduced a 'TeenMind' app at the school where students can receive information and support regarding various areas of mental health. This has been previously documented in another edition of the Gazette. Though the process is still in its early stages, with the help of our school's staff mental wellbeing leader, Mrs Roberts, who has helped in the training of Wellbeing Ambassadors and also played a major part in the development of the app, we have begun to promote both physical and mental wellness around school, and hopefully this incentive will make it an overall much happier place to be.

By Charlie Bowden, Brighton Hill Community School