ON OCTOBER 18, The Hurst Community College held its annual talent show to celebrate the amazing individuals who attend the school. A variety of acts were performed, including original band performances, solo covers of popular songs and a hilarious skit from our comedians. Furthermore, there were three spectacular judges tasked with the tough choice of doing the impossible and choosing a winner.

Amy Miles (a Year 11 student) dominated the stage with her spine chilling rendition of Turning Tables, originally sung by Adele, snatching her first place. At a very close second place followed the Year 11 dance to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

Finally, with a bewitching performance of Do I Wanna Know by the Artic Monkeys, Aaliyah Williams seized third place. Miss Conran, one of the three judges, commented “You didn’t disappoint me, it was really good!”

We were gifted by an extremely amusing performance from three teachers – Mrs John singing an incredible cover of Make You Feel My Love by Adele, along with continual comedic entrances from Mr Hunt and Mr Yates during the act.

With a stoked audience and the buzzing atmosphere, people are craving more and we can safely say that we will be first in line to see next year’s performance.

By Felicity Thompson and Isabella Janes