THIS term, Cranbourne have been using our outdoor resources to support this year’s students and curriculum.

Year 8s have been focusing on the theme of gothic horror. The English department planted images around the school of famous scary figures, such as witches and clowns.

Questions came with these images to test students on their gained knowledge of the subject.

This topic matches the season of Halloween and brings the Halloween spirit to the classroom.

The pupils’ hunt for monsters led them outside where their general knowledge was yet again put to the test.

Once their search came to an end, they were asked to apply their new information they had obtained into stories and drawing.

Interview with Year 8, Rafael Correia:

Reporter: “Hello, Rafael. What did you do?”

Rafael: “We had to look for pictures of monsters, like clowns, and we had to answer questions about them, afterwards writing a story about the monster in first person. Then we drew pictures of the monsters.”

Reporter: “Where did it take place?”

Rafael: “Around E block and outside.”

Reporter: “Who organised it?”

Rafael: “The teachers in the English department.

By Emily Boxall, Emily Lakes and Caitlin Treleaven