THE EPIC system (Everest Pupils Improvement Committee) has been a part of Everest’s student governing body for the past year.

It highlights possible problems with the school as a community and work to come up with possible ideas to solve the problem.

The first act that the EPIC team pursued was to implement a better reward system for the school.

The idea was that if you simply worked hard at five of the following skills, you could be nominated to get the reward of a category badge.

The categories are as follows: Team Learner (to work well in a group and make a healthy contribution to the work), Positive Attitude (to have the willingness and initiative to take your learning to the next level), and having a desire to be on Time and Organised (to get there at the appropriate time to be ready for the lesson ahead with the correct equipment and responding to the task at hand immediately), Maximum effort (working above the expectations of your teacher and aspiring to be the best), and finally Resilience (to overcome the challenges of the classroom and of life).

You would need to be nominated by your teacher five times to obtain this reward.

We felt the previous reward system wasn’t inclusive enough and under the new system all our students can achieve rewards.

By Henry Welldon (Year 10)