FOR most 10-year-olds, celebrating their birthday consists of a big party with friends and family.

However, for Callum Savings it was all about marking a milestone birthday with a milestone event as he competed in his 100th park run in the War Memorial Park.

Having been participating in the races since he was five-years-old, on Saturday to mark his 10th birthday, he along with a group of friends and family dressed as superheroes to complete the run.

His mother, Nikki Savings, said that when Callum puts his mind to things, he is very determined to see them through.

She said: “He picked it up from his mum as it was something that I enjoyed doing, but now it has become a bit of a family thing.

“He loves going and he loves the community of the park runs.

“When it got close to hearing his 100th race, I said to him if he timed it right, he could do it on his 10th birthday so that his how he wanted to celebrate both events.”

On average Callum can finish the run in 25 minutes, but for this landmark run he was the last of this group to cross the finish line.

Nikki added: “As we were doing it as a group, he wanted to make sure that everyone got across the line. It was just summed up the day that he wanted to make sure he saw the last runner across the line.”