CARE home residents have been given a dancing delight.

The Basingstoke Academy of Dance performed the Secret Garden ballet for an audience of care home residents on Saturday.

The children performed the ballet for those who might find it more difficult to get to the theatre and the audience came from Applewood Care Home in Bramley, Braeburn Care Home near Reading and Homefield House, Basingstoke.

Principal at Basingstoke Academy of Dance, Tanya Schipelbaum said: “The children did a great job of remembering choreography not done for a few months and re-setting for those dozen or so students that were away on holiday.”

Following the 40-minute ballet performance, the audience was served tea, biscuits and cupcakes.

Tanya added: “They all seemed to think the ballet very charming and many have asked for us to invite them again for other performances or for us to go and visit them too.”

“It was a lovely afternoon of entertainment for people that don’t get out very often, let alone to the ballet and the children all enjoyed being part of it.”