IT IS every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Their canine companion getting loose from their lead and running off.

This was exactly what faced Jane Taylor, after her cocker spaniel Mable wriggled free and disappeared.

The 38-year-old had only had the eight-year-old rescue dog for three weeks, when she was walking her in a park in Black Dam, when Mable was able to free herself and ran into the road, getting hit by a car then disappearing without a trace.

“When it happened panic just set in,” said Jane.

“I was frantically searching but I couldn’t find Mable anywhere.”

After searching around the park, the Eastrop resident took to social media asking if anyone had seen Mable.

Within a couple of hours the post had been shared hundreds of times and people Jane didn’t know were coming forward to offer their support.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it I was so overwhelmed.

“I went into the Top of The Town to put up some missing posters and the rough sleepers who are around there were so good, they offered to keep an eye out as well as helped me put up some posters.

“I just couldn’t believe the generosity of some people who were willing to help us find Mable.”

Jane told The Gazette there was even a man offering to send his drone around the area to help find her dog.

“I didn’t even know people could do things like that,” she added.

“I’m just incredibly thankful to everyone that helped, the council’s dog wardens for being supporting and all the rough sleepers who were unbelievably kind.”

Mable was eventually found in the garden of a resident in Crossborough Hill, who contacted Jane as they had seen the posts on Facebook.

In another bizarre twist, a family in Basingstoke recently adopted Mable’s sister so the two dogs now live in the same town.