A DIGITAL agency has shipped off a huge array of computer equipment to help schoolchildren in Africa,

The Escape, a brand and digital agency based in Hatch Warren Lane, has donated all of its retired computing equipment to a school in Ghana.

The collection of servers, computers, laptops and monitors was offered to Palmar International School which is based in Kumasi, Ghana’s second city and the capital of the Ashanti region.

The school aims to provide Ghana with future leaders, and to empower students for the rest of their lives.

Robert Jones, managing director of The Escape, decided to donate the IT equipment direct to a worthy cause that would hugely benefit from the donation, rather than use a UK based computer recycling company.

Mr Jones said: “As a brand and digital agency, our teams need the most up to date equipment to remain efficient. It made sense for us to donate the pieces we no longer used, so they could go on to be used in a sustainable way.”

Palmar International Schoolwas opened in 1998 when its founders returned to Ghana from the UK.

Mary Gyakyi, director at Palmar International School, said: “Our school has excellent technological facilities, but it’s gifts like these that help us to provide world class equipment to our students.”

The Escape’s client base includes Bombay Sapphire Distillery, Harbour Hotels and University of Southampton Science Park.