ART lovers will be able to see a painting come to life right before their very eyes at a special event at the THAT Gallery being held this weekend.

Tadley-based artist Sian Storey is best known for her paintings of birds and wildlife and Saturday provides an opportunity to see first-hand how her art comes to life.

Visitors to the THAT Gallery, in Festival Place, located opposite the Apple store, will have the chance to chat to Sian and gain an insight into her inspirations and colourful creative techniques.

People of Basingstoke will already be familiar with Sian’s work, as she painted two of the Sitting with Jane BookBenches which were scattered across the borough last summer.

During the auction for the BookBenches, in aid of the Ark Cancer Centre Charity, the painter’s The Golden Peacock creation was the first lot of the evening and fetched a total £7,000.

She said: “There’s a real appetite for art in Basingstoke, but most of my customers have never seen how I make my paintings.

“For one day only, people will have the chance to come along and see my new paintings being created in person.”

Sian has become a regular exhibitor at the THAT Gallery, which is an artist-led gallery which has been ‘popping up’ in Festival Place since 2014.

The idea of the gallery is to exhibit the work of wide range of diverse artists scattered around Basingstoke and Deane as well as from further afield.

THAT Gallery bosses say they take pride in it being a gallery that everyone can enjoy, from art enthusiasts to casual collectors.

Sian will be painting live between 10am and 4pm, and entry is free.

To view Sian’s work go to and for more on the THAT Gallery visit