THREE decades in the entertainment business is no mean feat, so, what do you put into a show to mark such an occasion?

According to comedian Joe Pasquale you follow the two S’s.

“All you need is the two S’s,” Pasquale tells The Gazette, “'silliness' and 'stupidity' and throw in a few fart jokes for good measure.”

The Essex-born funny man has built a something of a reputation for being wacky, but there are more strings to his bow than being “a bit odd”.

The one thing that Pasquale says about his 30 years in showbiz is that he is extremely humbled by the opportunities that he has been afforded.

He added: “Being around for 30 years means that I’m still doing it, I didn’t think I’d still be doing it after a year.

“I think this show is more a celebration of being alive more than anything else.”

The 57-year-old’s latest show, Joe Pasquale: A Few of His Favourite Things, will treat audiences to a comedic mega mix of some of his best bits with some new surprises on the way.

However, Pasquale reiterates that this is not a greatest hits show.

“Obviously the show evolves, and it changes from night to night,” he explains.

“But there will be some of the stuff people might have seen before, but it is just my favourite bits and they are things that I enjoy doing.

“That being said it is not going to be rehashing old material and there will be new things thrown in as well.”

Having worked as an entertainer at holiday camps to appearing on the West End and giving the character Frank Spencer new life in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Pasquale has been to every corner of the showbiz world, even earning the title of king of the jungle on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

He added: “Being on I’m a Celebrity is like going on a crap holiday and coming back as Elvis for six weeks. But it doesn’t last. There are peaks and troughs in every career. I’m A Celebrity raises your profile for a while, but the real challenge is keeping your longevity going.”

When asked about his success and longevity in the industry, the comic said it is all about reinventing himself, but none of it was ever planned.

He said: “I have never had a plan of any sort, if you don’t make any plans then nothing can go wrong. I feel like have been busking it from day one and I’m still busking it now 30 years down the line.

“I like to reinvent myself all the time and doing new things that I want to do is what drives me. I ask myself can I do this and that is the deciding factor if I go for something or not.

“For example I never thought I would be playing King Arthur in Spamalot but I did.

“If I can’t get something out of these shows what is the point in going to do it?”

With seemingly no end to Pasquale’s talents - he is a qualified pilot and is about to get his first degree through the Open University - the much-loved comic will be encouraging audiences to unleash their inner child and learn to laugh and play again.

Joe Pasquale: A Few of His Favourite Things will be at The Anvil on Friday, 26 October. For more information, go to