A GROUP of volunteers whose work has helped reduce reoffending have been praised for their efforts.

The Basingstoke Community Court, which is staffed by volunteers aged between 14 and 25-years-old, gives a voice to victims of low-level crime.

It also allows offenders to reflect on the harm they have caused.

The group has now been recognised for its contribution at the Lord Ferrers Awards, which celebrates the contributions of special constables, police support volunteers and volunteer police cadets.

Since launching in June 2016, the court has heard more than 100 cases and seen results in reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

Tom Lovelock from the Basingstoke Community Court said: “The work is rewarding in itself, and I always leave Community Court with a sense that we have made a difference to the life of a young person, who could be much like myself.”

The group were presented with the award on Tuesday.