INSPERO promotes healthy eating and living through food growing, baking and cooking programmes: Love2Grow, Love2Bake & Love2Cook.

It also runs Forest School classes including outdoor cooking for local children helping them to learn about nature and the outdoors.

Inspero works with all young people, particularly those from disadvantaged communities in Basingstoke, inspiring them to achieve in life and build the connection between growing and cooking food.

It also runs affordable cooking and horticultural classes for young people and adults. Young people’s classes are on Saturdays and during the week as after school activities. The adult classes are part of its Green Therapy programme which happens on a Friday at the Kempshott Community Garden.

 Gardening activities are to teach children where food comes from, how to grow food, learn about the environment and nature, develop children’s skills and create more active young people.

Young people involved grow in confidence, make new friendship groups, work in a team, and learn new skills such as how to grow their own fruit, herbs and vegetables.

They will also be invited to join the Love2Cook programme giving them the opportunity to cook some tasty dishes with the produce.

Volunteers are always welcome and essential at Inspero and it’s a great way to share knowledge, pick up new skills and experience and meet new friends.

Inspero will provide any training you need through local community learning or on-the-job coaching, wherever possible.

It’s a good way to find out more about the organisation and the difference their support can make to young people’s lives.

Inspero is proud and honoured to have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service last summer.

This is the highest award that can be given to volunteer groups in the UK, which recognises exceptional service in communities.

Check out its website for full details and activity dates. Go to