IF YOU do not believe in magic, then you have clearly never seen a Jamie Raven show.

The personable and endearing magician, whose career took off after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, showcases his art form in such a simple, yet mesmerizing way, that it boggles the mind.

In his latest show, Making Magic, Raven indulged the Haymarket audience with why he loves magic, and how he planned to take the crowd through the seven principle tricks of the art form.

However, this show kicks off with a message from Jamie from the past – a video of Raven sat in front of a book case recorded three months and five days prior – to get the audience warmed up.

A master of close-up magic, Raven made sure no one missed out what was going on with the use of a screen to project the card tricks, and sleight of hand magic he was performing.

On the Haymarket stage throughout the night was a board with 60 well-known logos on it, which throughout the night his volunteers would pick one once a trick was completed for the big reveal at the end.

Throughout the night, Raven kept saying that magic was about making the ordinary extraordinary and this was present when he used the whole audience as his willing beautiful assistants.

Upon entry of the theatre everyone was given a pack, and inside were four pieces of paper which had a famous person people thought the magician resembled. After tearing up the pieces of paper, shuffling them several times, hiding a piece and even throwing pieces of paper at Raven, every audience member was left with two pieces of paper.

What was revealed was that when the paper was turned over, despite being ripped in half, you were left with a complete picture, and it was truly mind boggling.

Before the night was out Raven referred to the logo board once more and asked the audience to cast their mind back to the start of the show then he introduced himself, birth and time include.

After turning around the logos randomly chosen by the participants it revealed all these details the magician had revealed at the very start of the show.

In his closing monologue, Raven said to his audience that no matter what, you should follow your dreams, and the magician is a shining example of chasing your dreams.