FANS of Will Hay and one of his most famous films have seen a bench opened in his honour.

The 1937 film Oh, Mr Porter! starred the famous actor as an incompetent stationmaster of the fictional Northern Irish railway station of Buggleskelly, and was filmed in Basingstoke.

Buggleskelly station was actually Cliddesden railway station, which had closed to goods in 1936, and hosted the stars and crew for filming in 1937.

The film also starred Moore Marriott as Harbottle, the toothless deputy stationmaster, and Graham Moffatt as Albert, the young porter.

Members of their families were in attendance as the 'Buggleskelly bench' bearing the actors likenesses and a short bit of information about the film was unveiled on Sunday.

The bench, which cost £2,000, was funded entirely by donations and was unveiled by railway enthusiast Pete Waterman OBE.

Speaking at the event, Mr Waterman said: “If you think back to when they made the films, I don’t think these guys would have realised what an impact they had, particularly 80 years on.

“As soon as I mentioned I was doing ‘Buggleskelly’, so many people instantly knew exactly what I was talking about.”

Will Hay Appreciation Society founder, Tom Marshall, said: “We’re delighted with the turnout and it’s a pleasure to have the families of Will, Moore and Graham with us for the unveiling.

“I’m glad we’ve not all been ‘wasting our time’. Special thanks to Pete for being our guest of honour, and to everybody who donated to the appeal.”

The bench pays tribute to the comedic trio, and members of the actors’ families attended the unveiling, including the granddaughters of Will Hay and Moore Marriott, and the children of Graham Moffatt.

The event, organised by the society, attracted more than 180 members and Cliddesden locals.

In addition to seeing the seat unveiled, they were also treated to a viewing of the film.