OVER the past few weeks I have featured photos from the Park Prewett Hospital archive.

It started life in 1917 as a military hospital for Canadian and American servicemen. It then became a mental hospital in 1921.

In May 1991, The Gazette revealed that Park Prewett’s days were numbered. Due to a change in the care in the community laws, an establishment like Park Prewett was no longer deemed suitable. The hospital finally shut its doors for good in 1997.

Approximately 10 years passed before demolition work was undertaken to transform the ground in housing and retail units. The old buildings became dilapidated and were targeted by vandals.

Some of the ward buildings remain and are now houses. The Main Hall, admin block with the clock tower and the red brick Water Tower were all saved.

Thanks to Urban Explorer Klempner69 who has kindly let me use his photos. This week we are looking at the period between 1997 and 2006.