THE Basingstoke local group of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was formed in 1979 and currently has over 60 active members.

It has the aims to:

1) Promote the understanding and knowledge primarily of birds in the wild and their habitats but also of all flora, fauna and other wildlife.

2) Make the group accessible to anyone who is interested in nature.

3) Bring environmental issues and the impact on wildlife in to focus.

New member participation is highly encouraged. For example, members can develop their own presentation material or speeches based on wildlife they’ve seen on holidays etc.

The ongoing aim of the group membership is to raise funds for many wildlife-related causes over the years, locally, nationally and overseas.

Activities and requirements include:

1) Monthly walks, to observe birds and other wild life are very popular and provide a fun way to learn about nature and enjoy the outdoors. These walks take us to nature reserves and areas of great natural beauty in Hampshire and also further afield.

2) Volunteers to help manage the sale of RSPB pin badges at locations around Basingstoke.

3) A volunteer to help with the production of the monthly Newsletter.

4) Finding sponsorship: to be able to increase publicity, the production and quality of the group’s newsletter. This wills offer us chances to interact with people in the group’s catchment area and those involved in like-minded groups around Basingstoke.

These roles require people with an interest in wildlife and enjoy interacting with others and have no fear of computers. Go to

The 40th anniversary of the RSPB Basingstoke Local Group is in September next year. This will be celebrated through a series of events including an exhibition and presentations at Basingstoke Library.