AN ODIHAM woman who died after taking a toxic mix of prescription drugs “had everything to live for”, an inquest has heard.

Carol Andrews was settling into her new flat, had made new friends and was looking forward to performing in an amateur dramatics production later in the week when she was found dead in her bedroom on May 24 this year, Basingstoke Coroner’s Court heard on Monday.

The 50-year-old IT consultant had a lethal dose of anti-depressant citalopram and blood pressure drug felodipine in her body which resulted in her death.

Sister Sheila Hill had been staying with Carol for two weeks before the incident and said her behaviour was noticeably different which she said could only be attributed to Carol’s new doctor doubling her anti-depressant dosage.

Mrs Hill said: “In 2012 Carol was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, there was a massive amount of stress in her life, particularly her marriage.

“Divorce was a massive improvement for Carol and she secured a positive outlook for the future.

“Her GP in Tadley lowered her [citalopram] dosage because she had been doing so well. In April 2018 instead of [her dosage] being lowered it was instead doubled by her new GP.

“There was a very noticeable change in her behaviour and demeanour.”

Mrs Hill added her sister became more forgetful and fatigued by activities, but despite these changes she was still preparing to be in a play and had plans in the coming week with friends and therefore had no reason to believe the former RAF steward had taken her own life.

She said: “Not a single person has made a reference about Carol making a comment about wanting to harm herself.

“Everything was going well for Carol after a long period of difficulty. [The increased medicine dosage] this is the only possible reason I can think of. I can only hope this can prevent the same mistake and hopefully no one else will have to suffer as my family have by losing Carol.”

The inquest heard how friend and co-worker Claire Swinburne went to check on Carol at around 9.30am on Thursday, May 24 as she had failed to turn up to work.

Paramedics tried to revive the Runnymede Drive resident, but she was pronounced dead at 10.16am, with medical staff adding there was no suggestion of suicide.

Senior coroner Andrew Bradley said: “Having taken an overdose of her prescribed drugs I have no doubts in my mind this was not a suicide.

“She’s getting on with her life, she’s got a debut on the Friday night, she’s got everything to live for.

“She’s got her security, her friends, her lifestyle she’s moving forward. The level of drug overdose is clearly significant because it is fatal but also significant it is two different drugs and the combination of those two drugs had caused this.”

Carol's death was ruled a misadventure.

In tribute to the much-loved family member, sister Sheila and brother-in-law Victor said: “Carol was loved by everyone she touched and please remember her with love in your hearts and a smile on your face.”