A SHERFIELD-on-Loddon-based author has launched her second children’s book, following on from a purr-vious success.

Sue Lawrence released her second book on Tuesday this week called Harry, a cat’s tale: a purrfect day.

The book is based on Sue’s own feline friend Harry, a 17-year-old tabby cat that she has had since he was a kitten, telling the fictional adventures that he gets up to and the new friends that he makes along the way.

Her first book, called Harry, a cat’s tale, was released earlier this year.

The author said: “Having just moved with me from London, Harry was not going out as much and became much more of an indoor cat. The Harry of the books falls asleep inside and wakes up in the garden, before making new friends.”

Some of the other animals that feature in the book are inspired by the 43-year-old’s walking around the Hampshire countryside including often seeing a hare, which features in the new book.

Sue used the experience of moving from the capital to city to a small village to inspire her work, as well as the works of Beatrix Potter, which helped in the choice of the use of watercolour for the images.

Sue added: “It’s a more personal short story that can be read to children before bed, it is only 28 pages long.”

Sue will give a read through on September 29 at Chineham Library.

The book is available through Amazon and Waterstones.

For more information, search on Facebook for ‘Harry, a cat’s tale’.