THROUGHOUT the summer, music lovers and festivalgoers have been enjoying live tunes at a huge number of events across the country.

But for one happy couple, the festival season ended on a high for a completely different reason.

Matt Parsons and Kayley Parker, both from Brighton Hill, headed to the South West Four festival in Clapham Common over the Bank Holiday weekend to see one of their favourite bands Disciples.

But, unbeknownst to Kayley, 32-year-old Matt had come up with a cunning plan to use the event as the perfect opportunity to pop the question to his girlfriend of a year-and-a-half.

Rather than just getting on one knee at the festival, Matt wanted to use the platform to make a grand gesture to his now fiancée and managed to get the band involved.

“On My Mind by the Disciples is a really significant song for us,” Matt told The Gazette.

“We had planned to go to the festival, so I messaged the band and said about my plan to propose to Kayley and asked if I could do it on the main stage before they played On My Mind.

“They got back to me and said they were really up for the idea. The difficult part then was keeping it a secret from Kayley.”

Despite the downpour of rain on Sunday, Matt rallied the troops and made sure everyone still came along to witness the pair’s special moment.

As the couple made their way through security, Matt said that he thought Kayley had an idea what was happening, but he was still nervous to step out onto the main stage in front of thousands of festivalgoers.

He added: “I think she had a hunch when we were being directed places and the nerves really started kicking in for me.

“But once I got on that stage I knew what I wanted to say and everyone in the band was really nice, shaking my hand and hugging Kayley. Then when they played the song it just made for such an incredible moment.”

Matt added: “After the proposal everyone’s spirits were lifted. I was worried that because of the weather everyone was getting cold and wet.

“But after Kayley said yes I was buzzing and everyone just seemed to perk up and we celebrated for the rest of the night.”