CLUB members were on target on Sunday to celebrate an anniversary.

Old Basing Archery Club celebrated its 51st birthday with members holding a birthday shoot and competition.

The shoot took place on the Old Basing Recreation Ground, the club’s home.

The club, which has around 120 members, had 56 people compete, making it one of the best turnouts it has had to the annual birthday shoot.

The shoot itself is regarded as something known as a handicap shoot, meaning that theoretically it’s an even playing field, so that the beginners can shoot and compete alongside experienced archers.

Shooting at the event began at 10am though beforehand, badges were given out to members who achieved classification badges or a higher level of archery.

After the competition, while the scores are being calculated, the event had a ‘wand shoot’, where members shoot at tall rectangular foam pillars at greater distances, meaning the archers must aim high.

Geoff McCann, chairman of Old Basing Archers, said: “I have been with the club for 12 years now and it’s great to see so many people turn up today. It was a calm day, at least was not heaving down with rain, so we could make the most of the weather and have a good shoot.”

President of Old Basing Archers, Terry Cootes, added: “It was one of the better turnouts we’ve had over recent years. It really shows that we can offer good coaching and good fun.

“There’s plenty of new faces which is always good.”