A FACILITY which cares for those with learning disabilities has been given a clean bill of health after an inspection from the health watchdog.

Worting Road (The Whispers), based in Worting Road, was given a ‘good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in a report published on July 18.

The property, owned and run by Voyage 1 Limited, supports up to eight people, providing accommodation and support to those with a learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder.

The report rated the home as ‘good’ in all areas that the CQC investigates.

Inspectors praised the staff, and indicated that they got on well with the residents. Part of the report read: “People were comfortable with the staff and approached them without hesitation. Their relaxed manner demonstrated they had trust in the staff supporting them.

“Staff told us they recognised if a person felt concerned, anxious or unsafe by their behaviours and mannerisms.”

The report noted that there was a ‘rapport’ between the staff and those in the home, with some residents actively seeking the company of the staff member.

Part of the report read: “Staff worked together to ensure people’s wishes and requests were acknowledged and responded to.

“There was a strong, person centred culture within the service.”

Director of quality at Voyage 1 Limited, Amanda Griffiths, said: “We’re very pleased the great care and support we provide at Worting Road has been recognised by the CQC in the form of a well-deserved ‘good’ rating.

“In maintaining their ‘good’ rating the team have shown quality and consistency, both of which are vital for the people we support.

“We have more ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ services than any other provider and we are proud of the local teams that deliver on our reputation for excellent quality.”

The report added: “People’s wishes and choices were respected by staff who empowered them to take control of their daily lives, make decisions and maintain their independence as much as possible.

“Staff interacted with people respectfully and when they spoke about people there was a genuine warmth and respect in their tone.

“They gave people time to respond at their own pace, not hurrying them or interrupting.”