A MOTHER and daughter were shaking their buckets at a Tesco store raising awareness of diabetes.

Mother-of-two Paula Cavanagh teamed up with Tesco store in Chineham to raise money and awareness of a cause which is very close to her heart.

Paula’s nine-year-old daughter Ellen has Type 1 diabetes, so along with members of Hampshire Paediatric Diabetes Group (HPDG) and her other daughter Maisie, the mother set up a stall at the store on Saturday, 14 July.

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where the body attacks the cells in the pancreas which produce insulin so people cannot make any insulin.

There are an estimated 4.6 million people living with diabetes in the UK. If not managed well, both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can lead to devastating complications, including blindness, lower limb amputation, kidney failure and stroke.

Paula said: “Ellen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2015 and we joined the local group soon after to help us manage her condition.

“There are over 150 young people diagnosed with Type 1 in the area and the Hampshire Paediatric Diabetes group is a great support for local families, like mine, who are learning to cope with the condition.

“A big thank you to Tesco and to everyone who kindly donated to this great cause.”

The event managed to raise more than £680 for Diabetes UK.

Jill Steaton, regional head for Diabetes UK in the south east: said: “Thanks to Paula and the Hampshire Paediatric Diabetes group.

“Their amazing fundraising efforts will raise funds for Diabetes UK’s research into pioneering treatments which help save lives.”

Diabetes UK is to work over the next five years with Tesco to help shoppers build healthier habits, including healthy deals and discounts and free health checks.