A JURY has heard today how one of the defendants in a murder trial had “never” encountered the victim.

David John Henwood, 34 also known as David Brewer, and Kasey Wayne Rolfe, 37, are standing trial charged with the murder, and also manslaughter, of 41-year-old Jason Williams in South Ham on February 20.

During the trial today at Winchester Crown Court, the jury heard that during a police interview on February 21 Henwood denied ever having met Mr Williams.

The court heard how Henwood was presented with a image of the deceased and said “I have never seen him before” claiming the person, he got drugs from was “black.”

The court also heard from Paul Mitchell, a fellow drug user, and the person who’s house Henwood was arrested at.

Mr Mitchell told the court that he had known the defendant for around a year-and-a-half, and for the last eight months Henwood would come to his flat on a regular basis to use crack cocaine.

Mr Mitchell said: “His girlfriend didn’t like him taking the drugs at her house.”

When asked how Henwood would act after taking the drugs, Mr Mitchell replied “A little bit out of it. When people take crack, it changes them and he got a little bit paranoid.”

The body of Mr Williams was found in an alleyway off of Margaret Road, South Ham near Russell Howard Park. He was found in the early hours of February 20, and his death was later determined to be caused by a single stab wound to the chest.

The court heard that Henwood had gone to Mr Mitchell’s flat on February 21. When asked if they had discussed the murder investigation Mr Mitchell said: “A very small exchange, and as far as I knew Dave was unaware of it. He just said it was out of order that had happened.”

Mr Mitchell added that Henwood had told him he was in the area the night before to score drugs but said there were “four geezers” in the alleyway so “ran away”.

Henwood, of Edmund Court and Rolfe, 37, of no fixed abode both deny all charges.

The trial continues.