AN MP has submitted his petition calling for an end to 'spurious and vexatious prosecutions of servicemen and women'.

On Monday, North East Hampshire MP Ranil Jayawardena presented to the House of Commons his petition calling for a Statute of Limitations on prosecutions of servicemen and women.

A minister from the Ministry of Defence will respond shortly to the petition that received hundreds of signatures from the people of Mr Jayawardena's constituency and beyond.

The MP said: “As I have said on many occasions, I believe that the first duty of government is to keep our country safe. Safe from those who would do us harm, whether here at home or abroad. Our fantastic servicemen and women sign up to do just this—and are ready to step up and put their lives on the line to look after us. In turn, we ought to look after them.

“It is shameful that septuagenarians and octogenarians are having to look over their shoulders in fear of bureaucrats and lawyers. Those who’ve served our country are facing spurious and vexatious allegations. This needs to stop.

“Hundreds of people, in just one month, signed my petition that I presented to the House of Commons on Monday—sending the government a clear message that they want our servicemen and women to get a fair deal too. It is time to act; the government should bring forward a Statute of Limitations.”