MEMBERS of the Basingstoke Hindu Society held a meeting to discuss the possibilities of bringing a temple to the town.

A packed Carnival Hall heard from different members about how having a temple or ‘Mandir’ in Basingstoke would be to them, and what the best approach would be to bring it forward and deliver it.

Held on Sunday last week, the group discussed forming a working group to help develop delivering a temple to Basingstoke.

Mandir is used for prayers and blessings, social and religious festival. It is also a place where married couples would go to receive their blessings.

The temple aims to give people a better understanding of the purpose of life and looks to be to give members a better understanding of humanity and respect for other religions. Younger people will understand respect for elders and other people.

To find out more about the proposed temple or to become a member of the Basingstoke Hindu Society, go to