HAVING achieved international success in the world of soul, Basingstoke still has a huge place in the heart of singer/songwriter Natasha Watts.

Having started performing since the age of six, Watts has grafted to make a name for herself in the music industry.

It is this grit and determination which has seen her travel across the world but headlining the Electric Soup Stage at this year’s B Love makes the Popley-based singer very nervous.

“I’m really nervous because it is Basingstoke,” Watts told The Gazette.

“I always want to deliver the best I can when I perform in Basingstoke, because it is home, and everyone knows me.

“It’s strange because when I am away it is almost like I am Natasha the singer, but when I am home I am just Natasha.”

During her B Love performance Watts will be giving the Basingstoke audience something a bit different as it is her first ever acoustic performance.

Watts will be performing stripped back versions of her songs with just a pianist for company.

She added: “I am going to be doing more covers than I would usually, but I still want to give the audience a fun experience.

“I want people to be clapping and singing along and I like to talk with the audience, give them a bit of an expiation what the songs are about so that can connect to it on a more personal level.”

Despite having success overseas, Watts is Basingstoke-born and bred and proud of it, even if she does get slightly uncomfortable when people recognise her.

“I was in Lidl the other day doing my shopping like I normally do when this guy was looking at me,” she continued.

“He just kept looking at me and I was trying not to make eye contact, when all of a sudden he blurts out ‘It is you, Natasha Watts’ and I instantly just went bright red.

“Of course, it is very flattering, but I don’t consider myself anybody, again I’m just Natasha.”

Watts, who will soon be releasing her third album, also is a strong believer that drive is a big reason for her success and said anyone can achieve what they want when they set their mind to it.

She added: “I was always told that I would amount to nothing, but I was so determined to make something of myself and as the saying goes the cream always rises to the top.”

Watts will headline the Electric Soup Stage of B Love on Sunday, 8 July.