FOR the last 12 months one family have been on a fundraising journey collecting more than £35,000 for charity.

When their six-year-old son Max was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), better known as brittle bone disease, Steve and Leanne Edney set about raising awareness about the condition.

In a bid to raise awareness of the rare condition Mr Edney decided to embark on a journey of completing 12 events in 12 months in the run up to his 50th birthday.

Next week, the 49-year-old will embark on his final challenge, where along with 23 friends will take on the three peaks challenge.

Since starting his challenge, Mr Edney has been overwhelmed by the support he has been shown but the community and said the curiosity of people has enabled him to share the word of the Brittle Bone Society who he is raising money for.

Mr Edney told The Gazette: “The amount of people who have come to get involved in helping us raise funds or just showing a curiosity has been incredible.

“This is what sparked the idea as I realised that not many people knew about this condition or charity, but since I started the whole things has taken on a life of their own, with people now going off and doing their own events to raise funds.”

Since he was diagnosed with the uncurable disease he has broken 15 bones in his body.

And it has been Max’s story which has acted as a catalyst for the Edney families fundraising, which initnally set the target of £20,000.

“I’ve been so moved as people have wanted to understand more about the condition, to get involved in the events, to share and like posts on social media and to either donate items for raffles or money via the just giving page,” added Mr Edney

“The community spirit, love, care and involvement has been utterly brilliant.”

Now, with just one challenge left, the father of two has been in a reflective mood and admitted that there would be a sense of sadness when it all comes to an end.

Though he insists that he will continue to support Brittle Bone Society, but maybe just take his “foot of the accelerator” a bit.

So far Mr Edney has taken part in Tough Mudder events, completed a seven hour static cycle, hosted a charity auction and organised a 24-hour relay running the equivalent distance from Basingstoke to Manchester.

When asked what was the most difficult challenge he added: “Probably finishing the full Tough Mudder event then the next day taking part in the Footsteps Dance School Strictly Come Dancing completion.

“My body was exhausted after that one.”

Mr Edney and his team will embark on the three peaks challenge on June 16, two days after his 50th birthday.

He added: “This has been a real family affair and I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported us so far in what has been a busy yet incredible year.”

Max will be at the end of challenge with his on Brittle Bone Society t-shirt waving his dad and compatriots across the finish line.

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