A WOMAN is looking to get in contact with the people who helped her after she was severely injured her mouth falling over in a car park.

Jo Osment was walking toward the Tesco store in Chineham Shopping Centre on Saturday at about 1.30pm when the accident happened.

Walking from the car park, Jo tripped on a paving slab when going up onto the pavement and she fell face first onto the ground.

As a result, she suffered an array of injuries that included three broken teeth and many more which are now loose.

However, fellow shoppers leapt into action when seeing Jo’s plight, with several people immediately rushing to her aid after the fall.

One Good Samaritan went off to find the first-aider from the nearby superstore, who arrived promptly.

The 67-year-old said: “Everyone came to help very quickly, and that is very reassuring to know that there are people out there who are willing to help someone who needs it at a moment’s notice.”

One of the bystanders who came to help is believed to be nurse.

Jo added: “There was a lady who was there who said that she had experience with this. She helped me while her young daughter rang for an ambulance. She had a magnificent tattoo with the words ‘carpe diem’.

“After that, I spoke with the ambulance crew for a while before they sent two ambulances.”

The paramedics treated Jo at the scene and then a family member gave her a lift home.

Jo added: “I’m very grateful to everyone who came to help, they didn’t let the sight of my blood put them off.

“Thank you to everybody, from the nurse, to the first aider and the ambulance crews.

“I’d love to hear from anyone who saw my fall or came to help, to say thank you.”

To get in contact with Jo, e-mail JmoAgain292@gmail.com.