A BATHROOM fitters and designers has appeared to have gone into liquidation, with some customers left in the dark after paying their deposits.

The Barn Bathroom Centre, in London Street, Basingstoke, is believed to have filed for liquidation on Tuesday, 8 May, which has left some customers who have put down deposits on products unable to get their money back, they claim.

One customer who got in touch with the Gazette said that they had put down a deposit for a new bathroom in April, and have now learnt that the company has gone into liquidation and fears they will not receive a refund after they asked the company for advice on the situation.

The Gazette has been told that customers are being referred to the liquidator.

When contacted by the Gazette, Barn Bathroom Centre did not confirm or deny any of the allegations or comment about the matter.

Have you ordered a bathroom or any work from Barn Bathroom Centre and have been left with no refund on the deposit? Get in touch with us on newsdesk@basingstokegazette.co.uk.