BRIGHT, vibrant and full of energy. These are just a few words you could use to describe the 26th Basingstoke Gang Show.

Taking up residency at the Haymarket Theatre, the show features songs, dancing and comedy sketches performed by 67 Cubs, Guides, Scouts and Explorers aged from eight-year to 22 year-olds.

With music and dance taking centre stage of this variety performance, from great renditions of the Undertones classic Teenage Kicks right up to modern day songs like How Far I'll Go from Disney's Moana, there didn't seem to be a challenge the youngsters couldn't rise to.

But It wasn't just the musical talents of the group on display, right from the start sprinklings of comedy were doused throughout the show. In the first half, two of the girls playing out a shop scene- making light of the fact that our technology today is named after fruit and then a personal highlight was Barbara, the shoe shop sales assistant, who took trying a pair of shoes in the window a bit to literally.

With the cast having been in rehearsals since September, many of whom had never performed in a show of this scale, the production and execution was incredibly smooth and slick. By the time we reached the second half I had lost count of the number of impeccable costume changes.

The look on the youngsters' faces showed just how much this show meant to them, with massive smiles throughout the whole thing, they were obviously just having fun. One boy was so determined to be part of the occasion he carried on despite having his arm in a cast.

As the show wound down a more personable touch seemed to come into play - apart from insect boy who just seemed to bug everyone - as a group of the girls, along with the ensemble cast, burst into an incredible Lady Gaga medley and during the Life is Good number there were quotes from some of the cast as to what inspires them.

Closing with a huge bang, the projected back drop took the audience on a journey through the ages of the Gang Show just to demonstrate what an illustrious history it has had in the town.

This year the show will be raising money for Muffin’s Dream Foundation, a charity which is dedicated to helping families with a child or young adult who has a disability or illness.

The Gang Show will be at the Haymarket until February 17, for more information and tickets visit