PLAYERS from Chineham Rugby Club have taken an oath of sobriety for January in a bid to kick cancer.

In a bid to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, 15 players from the team have decided to take part in dry-January.

The players decided to go without a drop of alcohol for a whole 31 days in support of Emma Tinker, a member of Chineham Rugby Club for over 10 years.

Emma had already beat cancer once, but unfortunately the disease returned, and club chairman Dave Floyd said the club’s ‘one big family’ ethos has shown through with the support.

One of Chineham Rugby Club’s players Sean Butterworth said: “If she can fight this horrible disease every day of her life, then the least we can do is give up drinking for a bit.

“It has been hard, especially at the weekends, but we all know that it is for a good cause and supporting a part of our team.

“As we are doing it as a team we are all really spurring each other on.

“It’s part of being a team, it’s a real band of brothers, and even the members who aren’t taking part have been really supportive and encouraging.”

Sean admitted that celebrating after a game with a can of coke was a bit of a weird feeling, but the players are motivated to raise as much as they can.

The 15 players have set themselves a target of £850 and so far, more than £300 has been raised towards the total.

All the money raised by the rugby club will go towards Cancer Research UK’s on-going battle against cancer.

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