GOOD leadership is bringing rapid improvement to a Whitchurch school, according to education inspectors.

Ofsted rated Testbourne Community School as good and found it gave pupils excellent guidance, support and opportunity for personal development.

In his report, inspector Tom Winskill wrote: "Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding as a result of the excellent care and guidance and good curriculum provision."

Testbourne had tackled absenteeism and educational standards were rising, he wrote, but there was some variation in teaching quality, with pupils' progress in some subjects rated as satisfactory rather than good.

He said that the school could improve by ensuring leadership is of a high standard in all subjects and by providing training for incoming staff to support the improvements under way.

Headteacher Hilary Jackson had created a good management team, said Mr Winskill.

"Under her excellent leadership this team is bringing about rapid improvements in all major aspects of the school's work," he wrote.

In a letter to the pupils, the inspector noted, "teaching is good and you are very well cared for and supported. Your behaviour is excellent and you get on with each other very well."

Ms Jackson said the school was pleased with the report. She said: "It captured the spirit of the school. We aim to be a school with a good balance between working hard, having fun and developing as young people."

She said the inspector's recommendations mirrored the school's own evaluations.

The school, she said, had no unsatisfactory departments but some were better than others. she wanted all subjects to be excellent.