HAVING already claimed the title of England’s Strongest Woman, Basingstoke personal trainer Farah Fonseca can now boast being Britain’s Strongest Woman as well.

The 24-year-old claimed the crown at the event held at Bedford Athletic Stadium on Saturday, 7 October.

After finishing third in the competition last year, this time round she went all the way and took home the title.

During the day, Farah and her follow competitors took part in five different events which included deadlift, the overhead medley and trap bar frame carry.

Farah said: “I actually felt a little underprepared going into the competition.

“But the first event was the deadlift and I was lucky enough to be drawn first so I knew what the target was I needed to beat, and from there I went on to win the first three events.”

Having taken top spot the first three events, Farah was able to open up a lead, eventually coming out on top, winning by a margin of two points.

Now, with both the England and Britain’s Strongest Woman’s titles to her name, the personal trainer knows there is more pressure on her.

However, she has insisted she just continues on focusing on what she needed to do.

She added: “I’m just me at the end of the day, I’m really proud of having both titles but it doesn’t feel any different to me.

“If anything having this titles does add more pressure on me, as next year people will be wanted to beat me and pushing me to my limit, and at the world championships I’ll be there representing Britain so you feel like there are more eyes on you.”

As well as having success in the strong woman world, Farah has is also celebrating personal success after being shortlisted for the Young Business Person of the Year at this year’s INSPIRE business awards.

She added: “It has been a really great 2017 so far and I couldn’t have asked for things to go any better."

Now, the 24-year-old is focusing on preparing for the world competition.

After finishing fourth in the competition last year, she is looking to go even further at the event held in December.

She added: “I have been really focused on my training and having a strict regime has really helped me.

“I feel really strong thing year and the experience from doing the events last year has put me in a really good place going into the world competition.”