A BIG Foot sculpture has proved to be a bit hit and attracted a great deal of attention last Saturday at The Malls.

The life-size metal sculpture of a ‘new species of human being’ squashing the life out of the natural world, showcased attracted a great deal of attention in Basingstoke's Castle Square.

The sculpture was brought to the event by the Reading Local Group of Population Matters, which is a charity campaigning for sustainable global population levels.

Bill Dowling of the Population Matters Reading group said: “Big Foot really is an impressive creation, and it attracted a great deal of attention that we would not have got otherwise, with many people taking photographs on their mobiles.

“We were kept busy all day from 9am to after 5pm, distributed hundreds of leaflets and probably had over a hundred in-depth conversations with members of the public.

“We found most people really do quickly get this campaign message., especially the impact on wildlife of our burgeoning numbers.”

The Big Foot sculpture is made from a steel matrix of hundreds of ‘babies’ and stand on top of a squashed plant Earth, it represents the huge impact that more than seven billion people have on the natural world.