BASINGSTOKE Hospital has become the first in the country to carry out a new procedure which could improve the lives of thousands of men.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust consultant urologist, Richard Hindley, recently became the first surgeon in Britain to carry out a Rezum procedure.

Rezum is a new treatment for the common problem of enlargement of the prostate, which can cause men a number of issues.

The treatment can be carried out under local anaesthetic and has less impact on quality of life than the conventional alternatives.

Mr Hindley said: “I am delighted that we are now able to offer men in Hampshire this treatment, which can ease the problems caused by an enlarged prostate quickly and with few side effects.

“70 per cent of men over 70 and half of men over 50 suffer some symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. Until now, we have treated this with medication until it got to the point where we had to carry out a fairly big operation to ease the problems.

“Rezum is a very quick procedure and patients can be discharged the same day. It is also a non-invasive treatment, meaning there is much less chance of it having side effects, improving quality of life overall.”

David Livie was one of the first patients to receive Rezum treatment at Basingstoke Hospital.

The 63-year-old had been on medication for three years but his symptoms were getting worse.

However, while his prostate is still in the process of healing, he has said he has already noticed a difference.

Mr Livie added: “I was really pleased not to need a big operation. I had the procedure on a Thursday and by the Saturday I was well enough to walk 10 miles.

"I was back to work on the Monday and there have been no real side effects.

“I think it could make a real difference to a lot of people.”