A FESTIVAL promoting health and wellbeing set up by a cancer survivor from Basingstoke will be held this weekend.

The inaugural Trew Fields Festival is taking place on Saturday and Sunday in Dunsfold, Surrey but the founder of the event is Sophie Trew, from Odiham, who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago at the age of 23.

The aim of the festival is to create an uplifting atmosphere in a festival setting, which brings together health speakers, authors, doctors, and specialists to give information about disease, prevention, and integrative medicine.

There will also be a special zone for cancer awareness.

Ms Trew said: “I believe everyone should have access to all health information. Currently this isn’t readily available, “Trew Fields is a space to explore this in an uplifting environment.

“When I was diagnosed, I knew nothing about health or cancer itself. It was a confusing and isolating time because although there was a lot of information much of it was contradictory and negative so I didn’t connect with the mainstream cancer narrative.

“Through research I started to come across this proactive health and cancer community.

I strongly believe everything I did alongside my treatment is the reason behind my good health today.

“I wouldn’t take back my diagnosis because of the lessons I’ve learnt, and the people I’ve met as a result. I don’t want people to be like me and to wait until they get really ill before they learn about health.

“Trew Fields was born out of a dream to bring together all the people who inspired me in recovery, to bring together a like-minded community in a context where we can share stories, exchange wisdom and have fun. Above all, it’s about hope, which is often lacking.

“The UK has some of the worst cancer survival rates in Europe. Our mission with this festival is for you to leave feeling healthier, happier and inspired to get more out of life.”

Speakers at the event include authors Patrick Holford and Sophie Sabbage, and founder of the Coppafeel! charity Kris Hallenga.

Tckets for the event being held in Thatched House Farm can be purchased at events.ticketsforgood.co.uk/events/218-trew-fields-festival