THE funeral procession of Archie ‘Mr Clappy’ Smith took place this morning, including the area around the Top of the Town where he was famous for running around and clapping.

Well-wishers gathered to see the hearse go by along New Road at the Top of the Town, where they applauded as the procession passed along to Basingstoke Crematorium.

‘Mr Clappy’ was 79 when he passed away at the start of the month on March 1, and the word soon spread around quickly on social media. Lyn Townsend, who used to care for Mr Smith, said: “The news of his death really took off on social media, all sorts of people from all over the area leaving tributes. He was a lovely man who walked miles in all different weathers.”

The JustGiving page that was set up to get a memorial made in his memory is currently ongoing. The campaign is trying to get a memorial bench or plaque placed around the Top of the Town where he used to run in his memory.

For further information on the fundraising campaign, or should you wish to donate, can be found here: