THOMAS Burberry, Liz Hurley, Falcon from Gladiators – Basingstoke boasts some world renowned people.

And now, thanks to the incredible strength of 23-year-old Farah Fonseca, the borough is home to the fourth strongest woman in the world.

After competing at the this year’s edition of the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio, a competition co-founded by famed bodybuilder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the personal trainer capped off a stunning debut year by becoming the fourth strongest woman in the world, in the under 63kg category.

Farah, who runs Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp in Basingstoke, competed against 22 other women throughout the two-day competition – which started on Friday March 3 and finished on Sunday March 5.

Lifting 90kg kegs, 160kg reps and mammoth atlas stone lifts, among many gruelling challenges negotiated, Farah added to her title of England’s Strongest Woman, the third strongest in the UK and fourth in Europe.

“I have no idea how this has happened, it’s amazing,” Farah, who only began competing in the strength sport last year, told The Gazette.

“I just seem to keep getting through the competitions and doing really well. It’s amazing to think I’m the fourth strongest in the world.

“Winning the England’s Strongest Woman really gave me the confidence to keep going and I went in with the aim of a top 10 finish, but I mean top four is just crazy.”

It’s a remarkable journey Farah has navigated from entering her first competition as a novice 12-months-ago, rising to a champion. So impressive that her partner James Rush has even opted to start competing in the men’s edition of the competition.

“The aim now is to retain the titles and keep bettering my position,” Farah said.

“It’s an exciting time. I am now getting the chance to teach people about this sport in some special sessions.

“It’s such a new sport that people don’t really understand how to get into it. But hopefully more people can get involved and love the sport as much as I do.”

After a well deserved break from competing, Farah will attempt to retain her title as England’s Strongest Woman at this year’s championships which start in August.