ENGLAND'S Strongest Woman, Basingstoke personal trainer Farah Fonseca, claimed more glory after securing a fourth-place finish in this month's Strongman Sanctuary's Europe's Strongest Woman. 

Following a stunning victory in England's Strongest Woman, 23-year-old Farah continued her incredible debut season in strength sport competitions.

Taking on 13 other strong women from across the continent, including athletes from Poland, Scandinavia and Italy, Farah, who runs Fonseca Fitness Bootcamp in Basingstoke, navigated her way through five gruelling rounds of events at Meopham Leisure Centre in Kent to finish fourth - to earn a shot at becoming The Strongest Woman in the World next year.

She collected her fourth-place prize from four-time World's Strongest Man Magnus ver Magnusson.

"It went really well and once again better than anticipated," Farah told The Gazette.

"I went in hoping to get in the top five because this is a completely different kettle of fish than the standard I've competed at so far - but getting into the top four is just amazing."

Farah added: "Just to think at the beginning of the year I just went along to the qualifiers of England's Strongest Woman and now to be here, top four in Europe and going to the worlds is just amazing."

The five categories Farah was tested in included a car dead lift - where the competitor has to lift a car as many times as possible within a minute, Conan's Wheel and a sprint medley.

She will now compete at 2017's Arnold Sports Festival, a competition taking place in Ohio and co-founded by famed bodybuilder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in March before she heads out to the USA again for The Strongest Woman in the World.

"You see girls competing for a couple of years and not managing to place in the standings just shows how difficult and high the standard is," Farah said.

"I'm just going to go to the worlds and try my best and see where we go. Top eight at the Arnolds would be great and maybe top ten in the worlds next year - I'd be over the moon with that."

She added: "I haven't even been competing a year yet, so I hope to just keep getting the opportunity to go back to the competitions and get the placings lower and lower."