RESIDENTS living in Kingsclere feel they have been overlooked following the decision to move the village’s post office.

The decision to move facilities from the current location in George Street to be part of the Swan Street Stores comes after a public consultation which ran until September 23.

During the consultation a majority of residents told post office officials that they wanted the service to remain where it was and that by moving it into the Swan Street Stores would cause issues with parking and access.

Ward councillor for Kingsclere, Cllr Ken Rhatigan said he is “appalled” by the Post Office’s actions.

He said: “I feel like they have not taken any points raised during the consultation on board.

“They have made no attempt to speak to the borough to see what can be done about parking and as far as I am aware there is no plan for adaptation for disabled access.”

He added: “It makes the consultation seem irrelevant – the decision was already made.

“In the letter they sent out they said residents didn’t want to move and there were parking concerns and then they dismiss it. They just haven’t talked to us.”

The move to Swan Street Stores will see the service available seven days a week and it will be open for an extra 59 hours.

A spokesman for Post Office Limited said: “Whilst we acknowledge concerns raised about parking in the area, it is fair to say that this is a problem faced in many locations nationwide and it is an issue outside the direct control of Post Office Limited.

“We have reviewed parking. Whilst there is no parking outside the current branch, there is roadside parking available on Swan Street outside the new premises as well as in Anchor Road nearby.”

The official move date is yet to be announced.