A JUDGE has dismissed an appeal against the destruction of two Rottweilers who left a 12-year-old boy scarred for life.

Adil Chowdhury was savaged by the animals while he was walking home from school last November.

Winchester Crown Court heard how the boy and his friends were attacked by the dogs – Crusoe and Columbus – whilst on his way home from Thornden School.

Shannon Revel, prosecuting, described how one of the animals got hold of Adil's ankle and dragged him close to the Otter Pub, after escaping from a garden in Boyatt Lane,Otterbourne.

His friends William Hunter and Harry Redsull, both 13, cried for help whilst Rowan Brooks kicked and pushed the dogs away before the trio stood guard to protect Adil from a second attack. The dogs then bolted.

Dozens of police, with the aid of helicopters, searched for several hours on November 13 before capturing the animals and taking them to kennels.

The 12-year-old spent four nights in Southampton General Hospital and had to use a walking frame and wheelchair in his recovery.

The schoolboys were recently commended at a police awards ceremony championing acts of bravery.

However, Pamela Rose, defending, said the incident was out of character.

"The two dogs have never been involved in an incident of this nature before.

"It seems they reacted to the children running.

"It was completely out of character."

Owner Lindsey Scott, of Boyatt Lane, said: "It was a complete shock. We did not believe it was our dogs."

She added that her and partner Roland Dixon had made arrangements with their employers to be at home more to look after the animals.

"Our dogs are a big part of our family and we would do anything for them."

The court heard how this was not the first, but the third time the dogs had escaped from the rear garden.

Since the incident, Ms Rose said the owners had made amendments to the fencing around the house following advice from the police.

"The garden is now totally secure. It is escape proof."

She added that the force is satisfied with the changes.

However, Judge Keith Cutler, Recorder of Winchester, said he was worried that this could happen again.

"If in six months time a baby or child is killed then we will feel rather responsible."

The judge dismissed the appeal and ordered the immediate destruction of the dogs.

He also instructed the couple to pay £260 in costs.

Ms Rose said they will appeal Judge Cutler's decision.

In a previous hearing, on April 11, Scott, 28, had to pay £2,000 and Dixon, 29, £3,000 in compensation.

In a statement read out to the court, Ferdousi and Shoab Chowdhury said that their son Adil, now 13, did not want the dogs to be killed.

However, the judge said it was not a decision for the Thornden School pupil to make.

"It is the court's decision and we take sole responsibility for it.

"We do not want the boy to feel bad as a result of these proceedings."