A BASINGSTOKE toddler has died after swallowing a battery, it has been revealed.

Francesca Asan, aged two, was taken to Basingstoke hospital by her worried parents.

But the toddler died just hours after she arrived at the hospital, in Aldermaston Road.

It was only during tests that were carried out later that the small battery was found.

It is not known when Francesca swallowed it.

Yesterday a spokesman for Hampshire police said that the death was being treated as non-suspicious.

Details of Francesca's death were revealed at an inquest at Basingstoke on Friday.

It was told that the little girl, from Basingstoke, died from acute gastro haemorrhage.

The inquest heard it was as a result of a foreign body in her oesophagus eroding into a right artery.

The hearing was adjourned until August 23.