A CITY GYM user is asking for help after he spotted what could be a UFO flashing across the Basingstoke night in Febuary.

Leandro Canetti, 28, spotted four red, blinking lights in the sky as he finished a gym session near Basingstoke Train Station.

The Brazilian born resident captured footage on his mobile and posted it up on YouTube as he found it interesting and wanted to ask for help to identify what the lights might actually be. 

UFO sightings were up last year by 35% with 49 recorded observations made in the UK. 

"It's the first time I have seen anything like this so I found it very interesting," Leandro told The Gazette.

"I saw these four lights and they didn't look like an aircraft or anything like that so I thought I would try and capture it on my phone and see what people think it might be.

"I do believe there might life outside planet earth but I am not sure - maybe I believe.

"I was suprised to see these lights and when I looked on YouTube and saw other ones I thought I would put it up there to see if anyone else knows what they might be."

Have you spotted a UFO in Basingstoke? Do you know what Leonardo has seen? If you do email The Gazette on newsdesk@basingstokegazette.co.uk.