A BASINGSTOKE dentist is singing his patients to whiter teeth, as his hilarious online education videos are primed to go viral.

Dr Milad Shadrooh, a general dentist at Chequers Dental Surgery, is making his name as ‘The Singing Dentist’ – the man behind the eyebrows and funny quips in a series of videos.

The former London MC is surprised by his success.

“It all started out as a bit of a joke really,” Dr Shadrooh said.

“There’s so many bad, illegal tooth whitening products out there that can be really damaging to people in the long term that I made a video and put it on Facebook and different forums and groups for the dentists to see.

“That video got around 190,000 views so I thought maybe I could make some more.”

So far Dr Shadrooh has reworked classics by the like of chart-toppers Pharell Williams, Michael Jackson and Omi into smooth skits including Gappy, Wanna Do Some Teeth Whitening, Filler and Sweet Eater.

Although droll and smartly written, there is a sincere meaning behind each of them.

Flossing, fillings and smoking are all aspects of his patients life Dr Shadrooh writes about in each of his songs.

“The idea is to show members of the public how important dental hygiene is,” Dr Shadrooh said.

“It’s so important to me to spread this in a positive light because dentistry has this status as being something which is quite scary.

“I just want to get rid of that and hopefully teach some fun lessons along the way.”

In 2013, the British Dental Health Foundation found that nearly 20 million people were leaving themselves open to illegal and potentially harmful tooth whitening.

“It would be cool if this went to different schools and helps children,” Dr Shadrooh added.

“A patient of mine told me they were in bed with their husband the night before coming to me for an appointment and they were sat there just laughing and smiling at one of my videos.

“I hope this spreads a real positive message about our industry and shows our fun side too.”

To see more videos from the Singing Dentist visit youTube.com/singingdentisttv.

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