I AM REMINDED about a drunken man who was on his hands and knees under a lamp post looking for his lost keys.

A policeman walked up to him and asked the man what he was doing.

He told him about his lost keys, the policeman asked him where he had lost them. The man pointed across the dark street and said, “It was over there!” The policeman then asked if he had lost his keys across the street why was he searching under the lamppost?

The drunk man replied, “I can’t see over there, it’s dark, so I thought I would look where it is light!”

A lesson is in there somewhere?

We may have lost our keys to happiness, contentment, financial security or any other “keys” that may have been on our key rings!

To find them you have to look in the right place.

So, look in, maybe start with the book of John, a life story of Jesus, or even the psalms or proverbs.

When you look, I pray you will find the keys to life.