A WHITCHURCH borough councillor has resigned from the Liberal Democrats after “giving up on politics”.

Eric Dunlop, ward councillor for Whitchurch and Hurstbourne, has been a member of the party standing as borough councillor since 1986, with a break from 1994 to 2007, when he was re-elected to stand as councillor until May 2016.

He said: “Once the Lib Dems joined the coalition with the Conservatives I developed worrying reservations and didn’t like how the party was behaving.

“It was my feeling that if you join with someone to work together then that is what you do, work together, but this did not happen. The usual political sniping and infighting was evident to all.”

Cllr Dunlop said he became “upset” when he lost his place on the development control committee.

He added: “After that I just gave up on politics. I now believe that I can better serve Whitchurch by being an Independent councillor.”