THE mother of a young man who died of a heroin overdose said she did not believe her son wanted to end his life, an inquest heard.

Alexander Reveron was found dead in a log cabin at the bottom of his parents' garden in Coppice Road, Kingsclere, on May 24, after taking an overdose of heroin and other drugs.

His mother, Karen Reveron, told the inquest at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court that her son had been taking drugs since the age of 15 and suffered with depression.

She took him to the doctors, but said: "They told him to snap out of it."

Mrs Reveron said Alex began taking cannabis aged 15, adding: "Lots of people in the village were doing it."

She said he was thrown out of Park House School in Newbury in the sixth form, adding: "He said that was the worst thing to happen to him that he was told to leave school. He just needed a kick up the backside."

Mrs Reveron described her son as "bright" adding: "Anything he did felt menial and didn't interest him. He was too clever and also stubborn."

She said 27-year-old Alex began taking ketamine around the time his brother was sectioned, adding: "Ketamine is a terrible drug. He couldn't seem to get away from it."

Referring to Alex and his brother, she said: "One would get better for a while then the other would taint the other one."

She said Alex suffered with depression after splitting from his long-term girlfriend and had tried to give up heroin three times.

The last time she saw him he had gone out for the evening with a friend before returning home, where he stayed in the log cabin.

She had texted him the following day on May 23 and did not receive a response, but said this was not unusual.

It wasn't until a day later that she began to worry, and went down to the cabin to see if Alex was okay.

When there was no response, she shouted for her husband who forced his way into the cabin and found Alex dead.

When police arrived, they found a syringe and needle and other drugs parapahalia.

Mrs Reveron said she had spoken to her son about suicide, adding: "He got a knife and said 'I feel like sticking this in me'."

But she said they had also discussed concerns about his brother, adding: "We talked about how frightening it would be if we found his brother dead in his flat."

Alex then told his mother that she did not need to have the same fears for him, and would never let her find him dead.

Mrs Reveron said: "I don't think it was on purpose. I think it was misadventure."

North East Hampshire Coroner Andrew Bradley agreed, and recorded a verdict of misadventure, with the cause of death being morphine toxicity from a heroin overdose, combined with other drugs.