A MOBILE phone giant's application to build an 18-metre-tall mast has sparked anger among residents who claim it will be an eyesore.

Hart District Council is currently considering an application from O2 to build the lattice mast at the gas compound in Reading Road, Hook.

However, residents are concerned that the mast will be an eyesore in their attractive village and many residents have put pen to paper to object to the plans.

Nearby resident Barbara Jones, of John Morgan Close, wrote to the council asking for the mast to be put somewhere less intrusive.

She wrote: "I reiterate that the adjacent estate - John Morgan Close - is one of the most sought- after residential locations in Hook, according to local estate agents.

"A tall tower on the edge of this development, apart from being aesthetically displeasing to the eye, may well be a source of potential danger to the many young children living on this estate as the effect of exposure to such radio waves is still uncertain."

Beechcrest View resident Ernie Hobbs is organising a letter drop to encourage more people to write to the council.

He said: "It will only be 50 yards from the bedroom windows of family homes and it will spoil the view."

However, Jim Stevenson, O2's communications relations manager, said that the mast had to be 18m tall to supply nearby network-users.

He said: "It prevents us from putting a lot more of these poles around the place. If you have one that's quite high, it prevents us putting four around the area."

Residents have until today to comment on the plans.